The Armenian Syrian press especially the Armenian Aleppo one occupies it's location(position) in the history of Armenian Press, by tangible succession of around 125 published newspapers. Even Armenian Aleppo journalists have had their characteristical role in the development of the Syrian Local press.

   "Frat" the first Syrian newspaper has  published in Aleppo, on 27th May 1867.It has  written both in Arabic & Othman Languages, whereas for a period in Turkish by Armenian Alphabet. Turkish by Armenian Alphabet was added from 6 June 1868 to 1869,that is from No.50 to No. 100. After a long time "Aghpiour" wood stamp newspaper has  started to publish in Aleppo in 1912 and has stopped in 1914.The editor was Mihran Najarian.
   The next days of the Armenian  GENOCIDE "Portsank" newspaper has  published in 1916,whereas "Reutre Agency" and  " Herakralourer"  reporter agency newspapers saw light in 1918.   " Hay Knar" in 1919, in addition to "Ousanogh" monthly newspaper in 1921.

   Meanwhile, the first Armenian daily newspaper " Hay Tsayn" saw light in Aleppo between 1918 and 1919 the editor was Setrag Gebenlian . Hereafter, we can consider the following names the dominated ones in Armenian Aleppo press. "Darakir" editor Penyamin Mildonian (1918-1919) "Yeprad" newspaper (1919),"Suryagan Surhantag" newspaper, editor Hayr (father) Boghos Kushagjy" (1919-1922) "Suryagan Mamul" (1922-1927),"Yeprad" daily newspaper, editors were Khatchig K.Kardash, Aris Shaklian and Setrag Gebenlian(1927-1947) " Surya" daily newspaper editor was Hovhannes Yazjian (1946-1960). "Arevelk" daily newspaper the editors were Minas Teleolian, Mihran Herartian and Kevork Donabedian (1946-1963). At the same time in 1948 with "Arevelk" the  annual book saw light so it had "Vahakn" teenaged edition there has  been also sports edition   "Arevelk Marzashkharh" since 1957 the editor was Zaven Sabounjian.

     The work of the annual books was significant for example, the National Prelacy's official newspaper "Suryahay Daretsouts" (1924-1926). " Datev" the Editor was Archbishop  Ardavazt Surmeyan(metropolitan), "Suryagan Albom" (1927-1929)."Daron" (1949)."Hay Darekirk" 1956.

     " Keghart" 6 numbers saw light since 1975, the editors were Haig Barigian and Doctor Rober Gebejian.
From the monthly newspapers are mentionable "Nairy" (1941-1949) the editor was Antranik Dzarougian, Child-teenaged biennial newspaper "Pourasdan" (1950-1958),the editors were Roupen Dirarian and Haig Barigian.
The student's and  learner's newspapers also have had an important place since 1950s up to date.
     Finally, the official newspaper of  National Armenian Prelacy, Diocese of Aleppo "Oshagan" has  published as a periodical newspaper in 1978.By the supervision of Archbishop Souren Kataroyan and it had editorial organs. It has  transformed to two monthly newspaper between 1989 and 1991,the editor was Khatchig Shahinian. Later it has become biweekly newspaper and recalled "Kantsasar" whereas it has  converted to weekly newspaper in April, on 1993 and it continues to publish being the only Armenian Syrian newspaper. The previous editors were Khajag Mgrditchjian, Mary Merdkhanian, now Khatchig Shahinian. "Kantsasar" has a special place in the file of Diocese of Aleppo in October in 2003. The National prelacy's reporter " Oshagan" has  published in Aleppo.

     It's mentionable that  has been started to publish "Shavigh" quarterly  since 1999 under the supervision of Karen Yeppe Armenian  Prelacy’s graduate association editor Ayda Minasian.
     It should be taken into consideration ,the gratifying activities of the national Prelacy's print shop “Arevelk” which has  founded in 1946 and nowadays it has modern furnishings.
     "Oshagan" bookstore has  founded in 1989 under the supervision of Archbishop Souren Kataroyan . It has founded on the basis of  "Oshagan" library-bookcase which has  located in the churchyard of Saint Forty Martyrs  Armenian Apostolic church, between 1979 and 1989.
     As for the regions, "Sbardag" newspaper saw light in Rakka, in 1927.


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