The sports in Aleppo has probably started the constitutional days of Ottoman, when the physical sports Union Aghpiour has worked till 1915.Later,the next years of the Armenian GENOCIDE the sports preparations have been activated. A football team has also organized those days by the Armenian Bisexual young Union. There have been also Ousumasirats (1919-1927) Dalvorig and Gaydzag football teams which have been formed with the Armenian Orphanage's teams Ardziv and Arax after 1918.

     Hamazasb Union has been also acted between 1922 and 1925 but Ardziv Sports Union of Daron Douruperan Compatriotic  Association has worked between 1951-1963.Finally, the Scout Counsil of All Association has acted between 1964 and 1985 in Aleppo.
     The next days of the Armenian GENOCIDE today acting sports unions  have also founded  in Aleppo and in some regions of the Diocese .Their activities clarify the following image.-

Ararat Sports Union.
Armenian Physical Sports Union (A.Ph.S.U.)

     First of all, Aleppo and Damascus sections of A.Ph.S.U. have  established in November 1921.whereas the Scout movement A.Ph.S.U. has  founded in 1931,in Aleppo.By preparation of champion sportsmen , the Union has flourished  the vital activity of sports in Aleppo. In the beginning it has had a club ,later a private one in 1979.

    The Union has strengthen its determination especially for football and basketball since 1940.As for football, many sportsmen of A.Ph.S.U.  have wore the Syrian National Football team's t-shirts for along time. The union has always been participated in the All-Sectional matches as well as the All-regional Scout campings since 1930.

          The scout Movement by governmental rule has converted the tenth Syrian Scout battalion in 1953. It has multimember FANFARE which keeps up to date.

     A.Ph.S.U. ,A.Y.A. sports sections as well as Kermanig Vasbouragan Sports Union have formed Ararat Sports Union " Nady Al Ouruba" by the governmental rule in 1973 which has connected to the Syrian Physical Education (Training) United Union's office situated in Aleppo.
     A.Ph.S.U.  has had a private camping ground  in Karadouran since 1985.
Nowadays, on the Syrian lands the Union's sections act in Damascus (1921) and Kesab (1924)

Armenian General Physical Education (Training) Union ( A.G.Ph.E.U.)

    Under the flag of ( A.G.Ph.E.U.) Aleppo Section which has  founded on 1st November in 1925,was born the life of physical education which soon has had a big echo. The Union has immediately connected the scout movement to the physical sports activity, thus preparing champion sportsmen and sportswomen.

   The Union has had Sports Stadium-garden and a club in 1928,then Basketball and tennis playground in 1932, then football playground.
     The last Sixty years so many time ( A.G.Ph.E.U.) has been the laurel  wreath of championship and some other competitions  while the all-sectional Navasartian  matches have turned the Easter in Aleppo to a remarkable one.
By the governmental rule  the scout movement has become the Syrian Scout's 8th  battalion in 1953. Today the Union has fanfare and it is always present both in  the local and Pan Armenian  campings.

     ( A.G.Ph.E.U.) has a private camping ground in Kesab since 1970.
By the governmental rule in 1973, the Union has  connected to the Syrian Physical Education United Union’s office situated in Aleppo, it is renamed "Al-Yarmouk" and continues  its flourishing activity .It has had its private club since 1940 and sports stadium family garden since 1956.
     Building a big training ground is one of ( A.G.Ph.E.U.) plans in 1985.The public formal foundation has took place on 19th November in 1991 at the hands of Archbishop Souren Kataroyan. Whereas they have started preparatory constructional works on 4th October in 1992 ( Design Armenian Architects Nshan Oghigian and kevork Sarkisian from Aleppo)
( A.G.Ph.E.U.) Aleppo section has participated in All ( A.G.Ph.E.U.) 3 campings that occurred in Armenia. The first camping from 27 July to 7 August in 1994,The second one 12 July to 27 July in 1998,and the third one from 4 to 20 August in 2002.
     Nowadays work the following sections on the Syrian lands: In Damascus 1925, in Latakia 1926, in Qamshly 1931 and in Kesab 1934.

Ararat Sports Union
Kermanig-vasbouragan Sports Union

     The Armenian Syrian Young Union or the kermanig Vasbouragan sports Union has  founded in 1931,in Aleppo. It is  considered the direct continuation  of the football team which has  organized by Marash Young men in 1926.
For many years the Union has been the laurel wreath of football championships in Aleppo and Syria, and has given highly qualified sportsmen to the Syrian National football team.
     It has its private club at the beginning of 1940s .kermanigian House the decorated new club has  founded in 1998,(Design Engineer Hagop Pilavjian from Aleppo, and  execution Architect Haroutioun Keshishian from Aleppo too).
By governmental rule, the Union with  (A. Ph. S. U.) & (A.Y.A.) sports sections have organized Ararat Sports Union "Al-Ouruba" in 1973.
     The Union's Golden book has published in 1976 (editor Dikran Gueleuzian) and the memorial book as a complementary  has  published in 1982.
Al-Ouruba stadium (playground) has  built by the joint efforts of the union (A.Y.A.) sports Sections in 1985 ( the Armenian architects Noubar Shorvoghlian, Hrayr Mouradian and Haig Puezantian are mentionable from Aleppo).
     However, the Scout movement has  founded in 1934 and by the governmental rule it has  become the 9th battalion of Syrian Scout. The Union exists till today. It has fanfare and it is responsible for kermanig vasbouragan Cultural Union's Executive Body.

Ararat Sports Union
Armenian young Association (A.Y.A.)

     Aleppo section of A.Y.A. has  founded on 1st July in 1931 which has flourished sports, scout, cultural and social activities.
     The Scout movement of A.Y.A. has  established in 1935.It has become the 22nd battalion of  Syrian Scout in 1952.The Unions is acting up to date. It has fanfare and participates in all-regional campings.
     By flourishing wide activity, the sports section of A.Y.A. has become a formal  Union in 1953.It has given champion sportsmen ,and it has always participated in all-Sectional matches.
     The Union has had a private club-family garden in 1964.
     By Governmental rule A.Ph.S.U. with kermanig Vasbouragan sports Union have organized Ararat Sports Union " Al-Ouruba" in 1973.
By the support of Kermanig Vasbouragan Sports Union has been realized Al-Ouruba Stadium.
     In  the present time, the Union's Sections work and act in the Syrian cities in Damascus 1931,in Latakia (reorganized 1956) as well as in Qamshly (reorganized 1956).


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